Relocating can place stress on family members in different ways. Often, a move not only changes your surroundings, but the family dynamic and structure. Individual family members may display emotions in different ways, including frustration, sadness, anxiety and anger.

  • Are you wondering how your family is adjusting to living abroad?
  • Are you avoiding implementing structure at home due to the fear that an emotional outburst will erupt?
  • Are you having trouble communicating effectively or have you noticed an increased tension in your new home? 

Expatriates seek out family therapy for a variety of reasons. If you or your family is experiencing any of the above issues, I can help you navigate them in a meaningful way. My education and professional work experience have prepared me well to help you and your family through this period of transition.

Please contact me to schedule a consultation appointment to determine whether family therapy may be helpful in providing support for you and your loved ones.