Certain times in our lives bring new sets of challenges. As expatriates, we don’t always arrive with the right tools to manage these situations. Counseling is a healthy, supportive method of empowering you to successfully approach times of major transition.

My therapy services are perfectly suited to children, adolescents, individual adults and families seeking assistance in transitioning to life in The Netherlands. If you have questions about counseling or if you’re unsure if counseling is the right step for you, simply send me an email. We can discuss what you’re thinking and feeling, then determine the best step toward positive, sustainable personal growth. I can help you piece together the puzzle of transitioning to life abroad.

Common obstacles expatriates face

    • Life transitions

    My goal is to help lessen the angst and confusion that often accompany a move, and in turn help the family or individual adapt well to the new surroundings.

    • Culture shock/Adjustments

    Many parts of Dutch culture and living in The Netherlands can be jarring and difficult to understand. I’ve worked with many English speakers transitioning to life abroad, and can give you the tools and information to help you succeed.

    • Self-esteem/Self identity

    The belief in oneself is one of the most critical components in our approach to the world. Learn how to boost your self-esteem so you’re never left questioning your own worth. Self identity can be turned upside down when your familiar comforts are not around. Let me help you define yourself in your new home.

    • Stress management /Burn out

    When you are struggling to balance busy work and life schedules, stress management tools can help you be your best self in both professional and personal settings.

    •  Anxiety

    Anxiety can appear at any point during our lives, especially when moving abroad. Learning how to cope with the symptoms and discovering the core cause will give you the confidence to take on challenging situations.

    • Depression

    Feeling sad, unhappy, like you don’t want to leave your home or other emotions often described as having “the blues” may be signs of depression. Speaking with a trained professional can be a supportive method of gaining happiness and taking the first step toward a clearer, positive mind.